Everest Challenge

Climb the equivalent of Mount Everest in the comfort of the Empress State Building in London

Join the team attempting to conquer the height of the building by shuffling up up the staircase.

£5 registration gets you a medal, certificate and aching legs.

Pledge to raise just £50 to help us fund some much needed therapy for a little girl who witnessed something pretty horrific

Run to Remember 2019

Coming soon!!!


New York Marathon

November 2016 saw several dedicated individuals pop over to New York to run around the streets of Manhattan taking part in the worlds biggest marathon. This year saw over 70,000 entries.

For most of us it was a really hard long run, the day started with a 5am breakfast in the hotel then a earie walk to the public library at 6am to ‘get in line’ for the hundreds of buses that took us all the way to Staten Island, word of advice if you ever consider it, take a couple of empty bottles because the buses don’t have toilets and don’t stop!!!!

Annual Ball 2018